Google One provides a convenient and easy-to-use VPN for enhancing internet security and privacy. Let’s explore a user guide for using Google One VPN.

1. Enabling Google One VPN:

First, ensure that you have a subscription to Google One. Afterward, open the Google One app on your device and go to the «Security» section. There, you will see an option to enable VPN. Click on it to activate the VPN.

2. Server Selection:

Google One VPN automatically selects the optimal server for you but also allows for choosing a specific server. You can select a server in a particular country to bypass geographic restrictions or access local content.

3. Using a Secure Connection:

After activating the VPN, all your internet traffic will be protected with encryption. This ensures the confidentiality of your data and safeguards it against cyber threats, even when using public Wi-Fi networks.

4. Additional Features:

Google One VPN also offers additional features such as automatic VPN connection when connecting to unreliable networks and automatic disconnection in trusted networks to maintain internet speed.

5. Subscription Management:

You can always manage your Google One subscription, including payment, storage volume upgrades in Google Drive, and VPN usage, directly from the Google One app on your device.


Using Google One VPN is a simple and convenient way to ensure internet security. By following this guide, you can easily protect your online activity and enjoy secure internet browsing.