People in the UK are becoming more and more aware of how crucial it is to maintain a private and secure internet connection. In such cases, using a virtual private network (VPN) can be an excellent solution. Many people, however, would rather save money and search for free VPN service options that meet their requirements.

In this article we look at the best free VPN services for the UK in 2023. We’ll examine a list of free VPN servers in the UK that offer free packages with their own features and restrictions. This review will assist you in making the best decision if you’re looking for a free VPN that provides security, privacy, and access to geographically restricted content in the UK.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ll consider a variety of factors like connection speed, server accessibility, security, bandwidth, and additional features. This review will help you choose the best VPN service in the UK in 2023, whether you need one to protect your online privacy, unblock geo-restrictions, or secure public Wi-Fi networks.

Top free VPN services for the UK 2023

  1. TunnelBear is the best free VPN for the UK. It offers a free VPN plan with a generous limit of 500 MB of traffic per month. It provides ease of use and has an intuitive interface, making it attractive to newcomers. Additionally, TunnelBear gives users the choice to increase traffic by completing particular tasks or inviting friends.
  2. Windscribe also offers a free plan with a generous limit of 10GB of traffic per month. In addition to having ad-blocking and anti-tracking features, it provides quick connection speeds. Additionally, Windscribe offers a wide selection of locations thanks to its extensive network of servers, many of which are located in the UK. This is the best free VPN for iPad in the UK.
  3. ProtonVPN provides a free plan with limited traffic of 1GB per month. However, it stands out for its high level of security and privacy through data encryption and IP address masking. The strict no-data-registration policy of ProtonVPN makes it appealing to people who value privacy.
  4. Hotspot Shield offers a free plan with limited traffic that offers high connection speeds. It also has an easy-to-use interface and protects your connection from unwanted attacks. Although the free Hotspot Shield plan contains some advertising, many users may find this to be a reasonable compromise.

It’s easy to download a free UK VPN, but while they can be helpful for blockade avoidance and basic security, it’s advised to look into paid options for greater functionality and security.