Today’s internet is filled with a vast array of services. However, not all options are very secure or reliable. You should first read the privacy policy before exploring the list of free VPN usernames and passwords and downloading the programme. It is important to confirm that the technology has a warrant canary that is regularly updated. 

A warrant canary is sent out if law enforcement agencies have not contacted the developer to request personal information. It is best to avoid using such a service if the privacy policy makes such a mention. 

Individual selection criteria frequently include the cost of the subscription, the speed, the functionality, and the usability. You should take each client’s objectives into account in order to find the best offer. Today, it’s simple to get a free VPN programme for Windows 10 and mobile users. To get the most out of the service, you should give some thought to how often each operating system will be used. 

Difference between a free and a paid service

Most free VPN servers for Windows rely on outdated protocols that leave your data vulnerable. Regular use of such programmes is not recommended due to connection interruptions and the possibility of embedded advertisements. 

When choosing to use a free VPN for Windows 7 or another operating system, it’s important to take into account how they differ from premium options:

  • Speed limit. Millions of people use free software, which can put a strain on any network. This results in a decrease in speed, restrictions on the types of traffic that can be transmitted, and a time cap on the duration of a stable connection;
  • Protocols in use. Paid programmes predominantly work on modern and more advanced protocols: OpenVPN, Wireguard, IKEv2/IPSec. Free programmes and applications run on outdated protocols such as PPTP. This leads to security problems that begin to arise. It is not always possible to bypass a blockage;
  • Ensuring confidentiality. When it comes to protecting sensitive information, free software falls short. Unsavoury programmers reselling user information to scammers is unfortunately commonplace today. 

If you only need to access blocked websites occasionally, the free service should suffice. You can get by with the free version if you won’t be relying on this technology in a professional setting or on a regular basis. Using a paid subscription is the safest and most reliable way to hide your IP address and avoid exposing sensitive data. 

Which services you should trust

Since 2022, Roskomnadzor in the Russian Federation has been actively blocking access to popular VPN services. For example, the list of banned programmes includes Nord VPN and Proton VPN. ExpressVPN, designed for the Opera browser, was previously blocked. 

A list of proven and effective services can include the following:

  • Surfshark. The programme operates in 65 countries. To avoid advertisements, you can subscribe and pay with cryptocurrency.
  • PureVPN. It is a service that successfully runs on Windows operating systems from version 7 onwards. Can be used for configuring settings on the router. Can be used for settings on the router.
  • Speedify. The service’s multiple pricing tiers make it ideal for households, businesses, and sole proprietors alike. Supports protocols with high-speed transmission. 

Most importantly, the service must provide the functionality required by the user and guarantee the safety of their data at all times.